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Sample of the Business Model Navigator Book.

Having analyzed hundreds of case studies of successful companies and their underlying business models, we have developed an entirely new method for business model innovation, creating a proven and systematic approach for building and re-working corporate business models: The Business Model Navigator. 

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Sample of the +55 Business Model Pattern Cards

The cards contain all 60 business model patterns complete with brief description, fun illustrations, and some easily digestible examples of companies that applied the pattern. The cards contain enough information to fully explain each concept without letting the creative process get bogged down in detail. If you are looking to organize a business model workshop or just want to do a little brainstorming with your team, the BMI Pattern Cards are just the thing you need.





The Business Model Navigator Paper.

The working paper is a sneak peek at the Business Model Navigator. It covers methodology, a summary of the 55 patterns, and a list of which companies have successfully used which pattern to innovate their business model.

This brief paper is an excellent introduction to the theory and practice of our methodology.

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The BMI Map

The Tube Map shows you a visual representation of the research that has been done by the creators of the Business Model Navigator. It depicts which companies have used specific patterns at what time to disrupt their industry.

The file can be printed in A0 format and posted in a wall for inspiration. Download the BMI Map and follow the roots of the most successful patterns.

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The Business Model Cards Cheat Sheet.

Wondering about how to use our cards? This Cheat Sheet contains a guide with instructions and tips to learn how to use the BMI Pattern Cards. Download it, and start organizing internal workshops in your company!

If you need assistance, or just information about the BMI Pattern Cards and our workshops, please contact us!

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The Assumptions Juice Press.

During our projects, we have experienced that identifying assumptions is often found difficult and “unnatural” for our clients. To help you innovators with this process, we have developed the “Assumptions Juice Press”.

This tool will help you to identify the riskiest assumptions per dimension of your business model concept and, subsequently through testing, validate or refute them.

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The Digital Banking 2025 Study.

Are you a financial professional or entrepreneur? Download the Digital Banking 2025 study and learn about Fintech innovation from researchers and experts in the field, such as Oliver Gassmann from the University of St Gallen. 

The study shows the key elements of understanding and navigating the financial revolution we will see in the coming years. It will help stakeholders in the financial services ecosystem to make better professional choices.




Captura de pantalla 2019-01-28 a las 15.04.15The Maturity Test: A powerful tool to assess your readiness for innovation.

Is your company prepared for innovation? Are your managers educated on the topic, the right business processes already in place, as well as an appropriate budget? With this simple test, you will quickly asses your company readiness for innovation, as well as understand the main points you need to work in order to prepare your team. Just fill in the form, and we will send to you a personalized report.

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Ecosystem-MapThe BMI Ecosystem Map

The BMI Ecosystem map is a useful framework for this exercise. It includes several categories of potential external drivers.

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Idea-SheetThe BMI Idea Sheet

The BMI Idea Sheet allows you to quickly document your idea on all four dimensions of a business model by answering a couple of questions related to the dimensions.

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Interview-Guide-ResourcesThe Interview Guide

The cheapest and fastest way to test your assumptions is to meet potential customers and see how they react to the problem and proposed solution. It is the very first step in validating the most critical hypotheses you make while you develop a new business model.

This document should support you to structure a problem/solution-interview step-by-step and provides you with helpful tips.

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Reverse-Financials-ResourcesReverse Financials

One of the hardest steps is to estimate if your new business model idea can be profitable. To help you assess your concept quickly and early on, we have developed the Reverse Financials tool: a top-down estimation of the annual profitability of a business model.

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The BMI Map Testing table

After designing our first version of the business model canvas, we should start the critical work of drawing out and validating the underlying business assumptions. This tool will help you to organize a validation action plan, structuring your assumptions and tests.

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discoveryplanThe BMI Discovery Plan

This tools will help you to organize your experiments roadmap on a daily basis. You can detail the experiments, as well as the tasks, resources and timing needed to perform them. For more information about this tool, check our blogpost on Business Model Testing.

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smart cities cover-2



A sample of the book "Smart Cities: Introducing Digital Innovation to Cities"

In this sample, you will read the first chapter of the book, where the authors introduce the readers to the challenges faced by many cities around the world, in terms of population growth, social changes and culture mutations. The sample also includes a summary of the book, as well as the full list of illustrations.